The dumbbell? The squat racks? Or the butterfly machine?

In fact, there is another artifact, although it is not as famous as the dumbbell, but 90% of fitness partners like ~

It’s the famous barbell that can bench press and squat

Barbell is a treasure, practice good body! Let’s meet each other today

What is a barbell?


Barbell is one of the anti-resistance training equipment, which is composed of three parts: barbell rod, barbell plate and clamp.

In the mid-19th century, barbells began to appear in Europe. Barbells are mainly divided into the following categories:

✅ Olympic weightlifting barbell: male version, 2.2m bar length, weighing 20kg, female version 2.05m bar length, weighing 15kg.

✅ Plain barbell: generally barbell bars between 1.5-1.8 meters, weight about 6-8 kg, most gyms also provide shorter and lighter barbell, suitable for girls who just started strength training.

✅ curved barbell: also known as W-type barbell, the curved bar will be shorter, in addition, it is easy to grasp, do bend when the wrist will be more comfortable, so this kind of barbell is suitable for biceps, triceps or specific muscle group training.

In addition to the above, there are some very special (odd-shaped) barbells that have a specific purpose

For example: hexagonal barbell for hard pulling, special squat barbell, Swiss barbell for rowing and bending

Why use barbells?

1.You build more muscle

Barbell is between free and fixed equipment. Compared with squat rack and Smith rack, the training of barbell requires more muscles to stabilize the weight, which means that more muscles can be exercised and the effect is better.

While the trajectory of the fixed instrument is fixed, people move according to this trajectory, and fewer muscles will be involved.

2.Good for strength

Barbells are good for our strength growth.

By increasing the weight of the barbell plate, you allow your muscles to receive the new stimulation and take on a larger load, ensuring that your strength is increasing. This is an important principle of progressive overload in building muscle.

It’s the only way our muscles can grow efficiently, and it’s very rewarding to watch ourselves lift heavier and heavier weights.

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