Movement of one of the most commonly used to sustain the health of people, but the movement is not can at any time, choose the best time for sport to reach the best, the best day movement time is between three and five o ‘clock in the afternoon, at this time to exercise will help improve the body’s metabolic cycle function, discharge the toxin inside body, stay healthy.

One, the best time of day to exercise

Sports day is the best time afternoon exercise every day, this time to stay in between three and five o ‘clock, if circumstances can choose to work during the day in the exercise two hours after dinner, this is mainly because at this time the body is in a state of internal organs is active, the body for movement has a good adaptability, can adapt to the intensity of some sports, Achieve the best exercise effect, and help improve the quality of sleep.

Two, exercise dietary matters needing attention

1, before exercise to eat a little food, avoid fasting or full immediately after exercise, this will increase the pressure on the internal organs, affect digestion and absorption, and a small amount of eating helps to maintain the normal operation of digestive function, if exercise in the morning you need to eat some easily digestible soy products or dairy products. This will not only meet the caloric needs of exercise but also maintain the function of the digestive system.

2, water is also the necessary means of movement, feel lose a lot of moisture in the motion process, this time if you can’t keep hydrated diseases can cause low blood sugar, also can cause pressure on metabolic function, make internal system disorder, according to the movement of the length of time in the process of movement of water supplement, at the same time to pay attention to the supplement of trace elements.

3, after motion should pay attention to choose food cannot choose acid, because this time the body materials such as sugar, protein, break down the quantity is large, will produce large amounts of lactic acid, such as the use of acidic foods can increase storage acid, acid-base imbalance in the body, cause joint and muscle pain, At this time to eat more fruit to eliminate muscle fatigue.

In general, exercise a day in the afternoon is the best time, this time the body is in a state of irritability, better resistance to the outside world, will not lead to an imbalance in the body of circulation system for sports, but in the process of movement should pay attention to replenish moisture and nutrients, at the same time, in the process of sports to choose suits own sports, Don’t go over your head in case you get hurt.


Post time: Apr-21-2022
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