The buttocks are the most noticeable part of the body, so the shape of the buttocks is very important. Many people think of various ways to train their hips. There are also a lot of hip training movements, unarmed and equipment, then you know what hip equipment training movements?

Smith squat
Squatting is the gold move of buttock training, but many people in the free squat difficult to control the balance, or in order to control balance and center of gravity stability, can only take the freehand squat. Using the Smith frame allows you to focus more on your hips and thighs for a better shape.

Sit on the sitting board of the instrument leg lift, the back is close to the board, and the feet step on the pedal plate; Hip leg force, forward pedal to legs slightly bent close to unbend, feel the contraction of the target muscle group, peak contraction 1-2 seconds; Slowly restore to initial position. Repeat.

Back of neck barbell lunges
Place the barbell behind your neck and lower your body until your hind knees touch the floor, but do not force the floor. Keep your back straight and perpendicular to the floor until you are in a lunge position, then straighten your knees back to the starting position. Squat for 4 seconds, stand for 2 seconds, get up for 4 seconds, and always follow the same trajectory.

Half-squat lift
This half-squat lift is similar to the weight-bearing half-squat where you hold the barbell with both hands, followed by a half-squat with your hips up. Slowly lift the barbell up to know where your chest is, and then lower it down. This will not only tone your buttocks, but will also create a toning effect and increase the pressure on your buttocks. Do this 30 times.

Post time: Jul-06-2022
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