The biceps connect the forearm and the forearm to drive the elbow joint to flex and extend! As long as there is arm flexion and extension, it will be exercised
To put it bluntly, the biceps exercise revolves around two words: curls!
Many people will have such a question during training!
Since it is a curl, what is the difference between a dumbbell and a barbell? Should the biceps be curled with dumbbells or with barbells?
Let us look at it from a different angle!

The advantages of barbells!
1. As far as weight is concerned, barbells can easily obtain large weights, which is also one of the biggest advantages of barbells.
2. The barbell is more stable. Everyone knows that the most taboo thing during exercise is incorrect body posture, avoid swaying and shaking. It is inevitable that the body will shake with heavy dumbbells, but if you use a barbell, the whole body will be relatively stable.
3. From the perspective of force, using a barbell can exercise the arm with less strength (usually the left arm is weaker). If you use a barbell, this problem can be solved and promoted. The strength of the left hand increases.

Advantages of dumbbells
1. Dumbbells have a wider range of activities, which can fully contract the biceps, so as to achieve a complete stimulation effect!
2. More flexible: you can train with one hand, change the grip, and change the angle more!
3. Small footprint, convenient storage
4. With dumbbell training, you can do more unilateral training, sitting training and some actions that can’t be done with a barbell.
In general, barbells and dumbbells have their own advantages and cannot be replaced. What we have to do is to make full use of them and combine their respective advantages to provide services for our muscles~!

Post time: Jun-24-2021
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