Hard pull is such a classic move that we see many fitness veterans incorporate it into their fitness routines. Hard pull is known to exercise 80% of the body muscles, for hard pull is to exercise where muscles, many people have different views, so do you think hard pull is to exercise back muscles or legs?


From the movement itself, hard pull is to train the hip movement
Although different of us feel different degrees when we pull hard, some of us have back pain, some have back pain, and some have hip and leg pain. But for movement itself, hard pull belongs to practice buttock movement. When we pull hard, the rest of our body remains fixed, except the hip joint. And hip joint flexes stretch action, belong to the main function of coxal muscle, so hard pull is to practice buttock action.

But you can also practice back
But through different movements and postures change, you can make hard pull with back training effect. The way to do this is to pull your shoulder blades back and your elbows slightly back as you pull up. That is, in the process of hard pull, do not complete barbell rowing, so hard pull has the back training effect. But overall speaking, still give priority to with practice buttock.

In terms of fitness plan, hard pull should be reserved for back day
Hard pull this action, although lower limb training is given priority to, but when doing fitness plan, should be put to practice leg that day? No, if you train regularly and at a high intensity, you will find that hard lifts should not be on leg day.


Work on your back and legs, as far apart as you can
If hard pull and squat should be separated as far as possible, let’s insert another topic here, and practice back and legs should also be separated as far as possible. Traditional fitness programs, there is a push and pull leg program, the pull and the leg in a row, this is actually not good. If you do a push and pull plan, you should change it to “push and pull” or “leg push and pull” instead of continuous back and legs. The main reason is the same, the waist can not stand, and these two parts belong to the back chain, mutual influence is very big. If the back is not in good condition, the stability of squatting is poor. Without leg strength, the barbell will not stand steadily.

Hard back training, the effect is better
Although hard pull does not destroy effect to back, but have collect effect, and collect effect is very strong still. So if you do a hard pull before other back exercises, you can make your back muscles more active, so that the feeling of force, contraction and muscle perception will be very strong. So hard pull has a very good training back auxiliary effect. Secondly, before practicing back to do hard pull, your hip leg support ability will be stronger, so the next to do sitting row, bent row, action load is bigger, action is more standard.

Post time: Jul-14-2022
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