Many bodybuilders tend to ignore the importance of breathing in the process of exercise, sometimes it is the mistakes of breathing that make us unable to progress. At the same time there will be adverse reactions, such as dizziness, hypoxia and so on. More often than not, we will feel that we lose energy quickly when exercising, and the intensity can not reach the highest point, so that our training level will be lowered. So breathing is a very important part of movement.

Practice breathing in the correct way patiently for a while and you will soon master these breathing techniques.

Breathing without oxygen movement

For machine exercises, take a deep breath while performing light weights, then start and exhale when you finish. Reduction process inhale. Note that the time of action should be consistent with the time of breathing. Generally, the beginning of an action is 1 second, so it is 1 second to breathe out. It normally takes about 2 seconds to restore, which means it takes about 2 seconds to fill the air when you inhale, and then repeat the action while breathing regularly.

If you’re doing an intense exercise, use holding your breath. Properly used, holding your breath can improve athletic performance and cause an increase in muscle tone. If the wrong use of choking can make blood pressure drop, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus, nausea and other uncomfortable feelings. The proper way to hold your breath is not to breathe too deeply, but to exhale slowly and rhythmically. Holding your breath is not for every movement. It must be used for the last sprint or for a maximum weight.

Anaerobic motor breathing takes the form of breathing through the mouth and nose simultaneously. This can increase oxygen intake, improve performance and extend the duration of exercise. At the same time, it reduces the ventilation resistance of the respiratory tract and makes the respiratory process more unobstructed.

Muscle building program for anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise refers to the rapid and intense movement of muscles in a state of “lack of oxygen”. Most anaerobic exercises are high-load and instantaneous exercises, so it is difficult to last for a long time and fatigue is also slow. The biggest characteristic of anaerobic exercise is that the oxygen intake during exercise is very low. Because the speed is too fast and the explosive force is too fierce, the sugar in the human body has no time to decompose through oxygen, and has to rely on “anaerobic energy supply”. This exercise produces too much lactic acid in the body, leading to muscle fatigue that cannot last long, muscle soreness and shortness of breath after exercise.

The muscle recovery period is 48 to 72 hours, so it is not effective to continue to exercise the same muscle until it has fully recovered. Generally in the exercise of large muscles at the same time there are small muscles involved in the exercise, such a case, as long as the exercise of the muscles involved in the same day is the best effect. The number of groups and times required: 3 ~ 4 groups, 6 ~ 10 times, 3 ~ 4 movements for large muscles, and 2 ~ 3 groups, 8 ~ 12 times, 2 ~ 3 movements for small muscles. Large muscles include: pecs, latissimus dorsi, abs and legs. The initial training should be appropriate to reduce weight, increase the number.


Post time: May-04-2022
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