Shoulder training open shoulder movement how to do
1, supine passive shoulder opening — open the front side of the shoulder/chest
For most of the shoulder is relatively stiff beginners can use a more comfortable passive open-shoulder exercise. Supine on the pad surface, put the yoga block on the back of the thoracic vertebra and the back of the head, people can choose and adjust the height of yoga block and action according to the specific situation of their own body.

2. Puppy shoulder opening — open the front side of the shoulder/chest
Kneeling on the pad surface, feet open and hip with the same width, vertical thigh pad surface, prone on the pad surface, arms extended, forehead point, chest slowly open down. If you want to increase the intensity and range of the exercise, you can bend your elbows on the block with the help of a yoga block and bring your hands together.

3. Cross shoulder opening — open the back side of the shoulder
Lie on your stomach with your hands crossed and extended to the opposite side, with your forehead flat on the block. With practice, you can slowly extend your arms more and more, which can help stretch the back of the shoulders and the upper back.

4. Bird King arm — open the back of the shoulder
Kneel and stand on the mat, with both arms wrapped around each other and the upper arm parallel to the floor. The bird King arm helps extend the back of the shoulder and the entire arm.

5. Use a towel — wrap the entire shoulder
For those who want to open their shoulders, the shoulder wrap is an essential part of the exercise. Beginners can use a yoga stretch band or towel to grasp the ends of the stretch band with both hands. Do the loop from the front of your body to the back. If you feel comfortable, you can shorten the distance between your hands and the stretch band.


Precautions during shoulder opening.
1. Proceed step by step. Whether opening the hip or the shoulder, this point must be observed, can not be rushed. Build on what you already have.

2, open shoulder exercise before also need a simple warm-up.

3. At the same time, we should exercise the muscle strength around the shoulder joint to ensure the stability of the shoulder joint. Notice the balance between flexibility and stability.

4. In shoulder opening activities, the chest should be opened almost. Pay attention to the chest opening, not the chest pushing forward, and the shoulder away from the ear.


Post time: Jul-26-2022
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