It is recommended that the initial training intensity should be 5-7.5 kg for the biceps. If the triceps is done with dumbbells, it is 2.5-5 kg with one hand and 10 kg at the shoulder. Therefore, considering that you initially buy a pair of dumbbells with a nominal 30 kg (actually only more than 20 kg). If you insist on training. After 3 months, this weight is okay for you, brachii two and brachio three. But the shoulders are definitely not enough. Six months later, Brachio was no longer possible. At that time, it will be aggravated appropriately according to one’s own physical condition. I suggest you buy a pair of dumbbells with a nominal weight of 50 kg, plus two individual 5 kg dumbbells. This is enough for you to exercise for 1 year. Conditions permit. When buying a barbell bar, the Olympic bar will be of better quality and will take longer.

Another thing I want to say is. You need enough reps and enough sets to exercise your muscles. You don’t need to be exhausted in one breath, even if you’re done. Do different movements with different weights repeatedly. And you don’t need extreme weights to exercise muscles, so you don’t need very heavy dumbbells or barbells.

Extended information:
The dumbbell exercise method is a set of fitness methods completed with dumbbell equipment. It can achieve the purpose of gaining muscle for lean people, reducing fat for fat people and shaping. Different fitness stages and fitness purposes have different exercise methods for dumbbells.

Basic exercise principles:
1. For lean people to gain muscles, it is suitable for dumbbell exercises with heavy weight and few reps.
2. Fat reduction is suitable for dumbbell exercises with small weights and multiple times.
3. For the purpose of shaping, it is suitable to exercise with medium weight dumbbells.

Post time: Jun-24-2021
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