We start with repetitive exercises, and at a certain point it hits a plateau, and a lot of people get tired of it. Instead, the medicine ball is a free machine training. Medicine balls can help us lose weight, so do you know what are the four medicine ball exercises that will help you lose fat?


The following training intensity, fitness people can according to their own fat, appropriate adjustment, fat rate is high on this basis to improve the number of training, on the contrary, fat rate is low to reduce the number of training, the purpose is to reduce fat and control the growth of fat.

Action 1: Medicine ball on the squat to smash the ball
Stand naturally with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Hold the medicine ball with your hands on either side of the ball, keeping your chest out and your spine in a neutral position, tensing your lower back muscles. During the exercise, the hands dropped the medicine ball on the ground and the body did squat at the same time, keeping the thighs parallel to the ground. The training intensity was 4 groups, and each group did 20 times.

Action two: chest medicine ball squat training
Natural body to stand, feet distance and shoulder width apart, toes slightly outward, holding medicine ball in the chest, arms elbow flexion body kept upright, movement, body do squats action and let the elbows and knees touching, then stand up straight back to the starting point, arms posture, repetitive movements of four groups, each group to do 20 times.


Action Three: Upright lift medicine ball
Stand naturally with your arms straight above your body while holding the medicine ball with your hands, and keep your feet wide apart. During exercise, your body will do squats down, your arms will bend your elbows in front of your chest, and then your body will stand upright while your arms will go straight back to the starting point. The training intensity is recommended to do 2 groups on each side, 15 times for each group.

Action four: prone alternately step on the ball training
The body is in the shape of a push-up, the arms and shoulder width support on the ground, legs to the back of the body straight, so that the ball of the foot on the medicine, keep this posture, do waist contraction exercise, as long as possible, the effect will be more obvious. The recommended training intensity is 20 breaths in 30 seconds.

Post time: Sep-16-2022
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