Medicine ball is a kind of fitness equipment that the public is not well aware of, but is commonly used in the rehabilitation training of athletes. With further research, many people are using medicine balls for exercise. In modern times, the training movements of medicine ball have been developed a lot. So do you know what the five basic exercises of medicine ball are? Let’s go to the fitness equipment there to have a look!

The Russian Spin
Adopt the way of sitting posture, with hip as the center, upper body hits straight and thigh into 90 degrees, crus stands up. Beginners can first heel to the ground, to be more muscular, heel off the ground. Hold the medicine ball, look straight ahead, rotate your body and point the medicine ball left and right.


It is the same as the general pushup training, which is prone, elbows on the ground, back and buttocks in a straight line. One of them had a medicine ball in his hand. The medicine ball push-up requires balance and strength, so it is more difficult. (Women are advised to do a set of eight, followed by a one-minute rest; Men can do a set of 10, followed by a one-minute rest.)

Medicine ball squats
Do squats and lift the medicine ball up at the same time. Do not shake your head when lifting the medicine ball, or it will cause pressure on the lumbar spine and easy to get injured. Beginners can first put the medicine ball to the chest, do weight-bearing squat, to be stable, continue to challenge up. (10-15 reps are recommended, followed by a one-minute rest.)


Hard on one foot
Start in a standing position, knees slightly bent, holding the medicine ball in front of your chest. Lift your right foot back and lean straight forward, leaving your left foot standing and your torso and right foot in a straight line. Then hold the ball with both hands and let it hit the ground. Stop for about 5 seconds before returning to the start. (Recommended side can do 10-15, then change feet.)

Hip joint training
Start in a lying position with knees bent and the medicine ball placed under your feet. After lifting your left foot back, stretch it straight up and down. (It is recommended to do 10-15 repetitions at a time, then switch feet.)

Post time: Aug-17-2022
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