As we all know, the most indispensable part of strength training is the large and small equipment in the gym. And these equipment in the gym, mainly divided into two areas: free equipment area and fixed equipment area.

If you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ve probably noticed that the free machines section tends to be filled with muscular men, while the fixed machines section is dominated by fitness cuties.

So how different is a fixed device from a free device? Why do muscle men love freedom machines?

Today, the Strength and Fitness Branch of the International Federation of Sport Federations looks at the pros and cons of stationary and free weights to find new ways to build muscle.


Apparatus for fixing


Fixed device refers to the device whose motion trajectory is determined by the device, the common Smith machine, sitting chest push device, sitting pull-down device, etc.

The biggest advantage of fixed-machine training is that it is relatively safe. It is much better for the protection of the exerciser than the free machine, especially for the novice who has not mastered the movement, the regular use of stationary equipment can reduce the risk of injury during our exercise.

So immobiles are generally used as a transition to the novice phase, or recovery training in certain injury situations.

But the disadvantages of fixed equipment are actually more, first of all, it is easy to cause the asymmetry of muscle training or the phenomenon of the strength is not practiced.

Take the Smith machine for example, many people like to use it to bench press, seemingly simple and safe. However, the strength of the left and right sides of everyone is asymmetrical, so when using the Smith device to push the chest, it is easy to cause the left and right sides of the force size is not the same, or the force muscle group is not the muscle group. Over time, the volume of each muscle group will be different.

Secondly, fixed devices ignore the differences of the human body. Their trajectory is not necessarily suitable for everyone, and it is impossible for everyone to find their own comfortable posture and power feeling. Without the sensation of power, you can’t provide more muscle stimulation, making the muscle building process slow.


Free of charge apparatus


Free instruments refer to equipment such as barbells and dumbbells.

The biggest advantage of free weight training over fixed machine training is freedom. You can freely adjust your training movements according to your body shape and movement habits, which is more conducive to muscle power.

Free machines also require more deep muscles to stabilize the weight, and because there are more muscles involved, they build more muscle.

Moreover, free weight can make the muscles on both sides of our body relatively balanced and symmetrical, so that the muscles and strength developed are relatively symmetrical, and it is not easy to appear as many asymmetries as fixed equipment training.

But the biggest problem with free machines is safety. Once the action is not standard or do not take good safety measures, it is easy to get injured. Therefore, beginners must be under professional guidance.

In fact, for muscle growth, there is no essential difference between free devices and fixed devices, both are designed to stimulate muscles. But when used correctly, free machines are clearly more efficient, allowing us to achieve faster and better fitness results.

Therefore, any fitness enthusiast should try to understand the free equipment, master the free equipment, play more tricks!

The epidemic has recurred again. Let’s pay attention to strength training together, increase the body resistance, and carry through this difficult winter with a strong body.

Post time: Nov-25-2022
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