Nutrilite abdomen round style is varied, but shall be investigated for the principle cannot leave the drive wheels, common health abdomen round fitness methods include: the wall surface, kneeling, standing, practicing leg, back, yoga, chest muscle, different movement has different exercise effect, the following will explain each action in the form of text forms of exercise and training.

The first fitness method (face wall training method)

Training parts: mainly used to exercise the upper body shoulder, chest, is the most easy for beginners to start a movement. It does not help to train abdominal muscles, and can be used by obese people at first.

Exercise mode: Face to the wall training refers to holding the abdominal muscle wheel facing the wall, lifting the wheel flat with both hands on the wall and pushing up along the wall. At the same time, the body should extend upward with the push of the wheel, and then slowly return to the original posture when reaching the limit. You can also lift the body back to the wall with both hands to the abdomen, push back and forth on the wall, the body then maximum extension, retraction, repeated operation can exercise the spine and cervical spine.

The second fitness method (kneeling posture training method)

Training site: the abs, waist stimulation is the largest, and the arms, arms, chest and other parts can also play some auxiliary exercise, but without a certain muscle strength do not rashly practice, it is easy to fall on the ground.

Motion: kneeling training method to listen to the name of it, is to let us kneel on the ground with wheel training, both hands holding the handle of the abdomen device with even force, repeatedly push forward and pull the abdomen device, while extending the body to the maximum extent, and then back to the initial position of the kneeling position, so repeated operation.

The third fitness method (Stance Training method)

Training area: Waist and abdomen training is the most obvious, but also can stimulate some parts of the arms (shoulder, forearm). But do not exercise rashly without a certain muscle strength, it is easy to fall on the ground.

Movement mode: First of all, the legs are separated slightly wider than the shoulder width, and then push forward with the wheel in hand, pay attention to the waist and abdomen with force, breathing on the road, try not to hold your breath.

The fourth way to keep fit (calf pose)

Training site: can thin legs, exercise the flexibility of the calf, want to thin legs of the beautiful people do not prevent a try.

Motion means: The exercise sits on the chair, two feet are stepping on the handle of healthy abdomen implbment , push healthy abdomen implbment with the foot, crus extends forward as far as possible, return to original position next, so repeated operation.

Fifth Fitness Method (Back Training)

Training parts: Exercise the strength of the upper body, back and shoulders, but also stretch the shoulder ligament, suitable for girls, beginners.

Exercise mode: the exerciser sits on the ground, put the abdomen exercise device on the back, grab the handle of the abdomen exercise device with both hands and push back and forth, at the same time, the body extends backwards to the maximum extent, and then returns to the original position.

Sixth Fitness Method (Yoga Style Training)

Training site: Mild stimulation of arms, chest, abdomen, suitable for girls, beginners.

Movement mode: sit on the ground, separate the legs into V shape, both hands hold the handle of the abdomen, the body extends forward to the maximum limit and then returns to the original position.

Seventh Fitness Method (Chest Muscle Exercises)

Training site: chest, deltoid, triceps, biceps, thigh.

Exercise mode: exercisers need to have two fitness wheel, the principle is to do dumbbell bench press, but the effect is much better than dumbbell bench press, because this chest to bear the weight of the entire upper body, more difficult, want to practice chest muscle friends can try.

Post time: Sep-23-2022
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