The buttocks are very easy to notice, so the shape of the buttocks is very important. A lot of people think about all kinds of ways to train their hips. There are also a lot of hip training movements, freehand and equipment, so do you know what hip equipment training movements?

The Smith Squat
Squats are a great move for hips, but many people struggle with balance in free squats, or end up doing freehand squats in order to control balance and stabilize their center of gravity.

Sit on the board of the instrument leg lift frame, back close to the board, feet on the foot plate; Buttock leg force, pedal forward to the legs slightly bent close to straight, feel the contraction of the target muscle group, peak contraction 1-2 seconds; Slowly return to initial position and repeat.

Neck back barbell lunge squat
Lower the bar to the back of your neck until the knees of your back legs touch the floor, but do not force contact with the floor. Keep your back straight and perpendicular to the floor until you are in a lunge position, then straighten your knees and return to the starting position. Squat for 4 seconds, stay still for 2 seconds, get up for 4 seconds, and always follow the same trajectory.

Crouch weightlifting
This half squat is similar to the weight half squat, where you first hold the bar with both hands and then squat down to lift your hips. Raise your hands with the barbell slowly to know where your chest is, and then lower them slowly. This will not only exercise your hips, but also increase the pressure and shape your hips, making your hips more perfect. This move should be done 30 times.

The TAB crouch
In the gym, I’m sure you’ve all seen this kind of ring pull. It’s usually designed to work the muscles in your arms, but if you switch positions, you can work your hips by doing a half squat with your thighs parallel and your hips up. Do this 50 times to work your hips.

Post time: Aug-12-2022
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