Many men want to have broad and strong shoulders, so they began to exercise shoulders. Shoulder exercises are mainly about working the deltoid muscles. Deltoid exercises include freehand exercises and machine exercises. Dumbbell is one of the fitness equipment we often use in fitness, so what do you think dumbbell exercise deltoid muscle bundle method?

One arm dumbbell side lift
First, we hold the dumbbell with the right hand and hold a stationary device or post with the left hand to stabilize the body. Then, bend your right arm slightly so that your elbow is in a fixed bent position. Then slowly lift the dumbbell flat and contract your deltoid bundle until your arm is parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position then switch hands and repeat.

Lift the dumbbell flat
This movement is mainly aimed at the deltoid tract. At the beginning, the preparation movement is the same as posture and lateral flat lift, but the difference is that we want to train the deltoid tract. Therefore, we grab the dumbbell and put it in front of the thigh with the palm facing the side of the body. Then repeat.

Dumbbell side lift
This move is mainly aimed at the posterior deltoid tract, which is an area that is easy to forget, but it is absolutely necessary to practice the posterior deltoid muscle if you want to achieve a complete spherical deltoid. First, find a flat or standing prone position. Hold the dumbbells with palms facing inward. Slowly lift the dumbbells to each side with elbows slightly bent until your arms are parallel to the floor.

Sitting dumbbell push
This is a very old-fashioned exercise, but it has a strong stimulation effect on the training of the deltoid muscles. In addition, it also exercises the triceps, trapezius and anterior giant muscles in the body. First of all, adjust the back of the chair to an Angle perpendicular to the ground. Lift the dumbbell and place it at the height of the left and right ears, let the forearm and upper arm form a 90-degree palm forward, and then inhale to push the dumbbell upward, at this time, the fist eye meets the dumbbell above the head, and then exhale to slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position, and then repeat the above action.

Post time: Feb-15-2023
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