Everything has relative advantages and disadvantages. Fitness equipment is no exception.
As the most commonly used and core fitness equipment, disputes over which barbell or dumbbell is better have been ongoing.
But to make better use of barbells and dumbbells, we must first understand their advantages and disadvantages.

There are many advantages of dumbbells. In addition to being more convenient, there are no site restrictions, and the weight options are also very diverse.
In addition, dumbbells are safer than barbells. For example, you can throw away dumbbells when they are not moving, while barbells may compress your body.

However, dumbbells have higher requirements for the balance of the movement, especially when the core is unstable when doing heavy weights, the movement will be deformed, so it is easy to limit the impact of heavy weights with dumbbells.
Compared with dumbbells, it is easier to impact the weight. Many heavy and multi-joint movements are inseparable from the barbell, which is the key to strength growth and improvement of circumference.

However, barbell training requires a larger field than dumbbells, and requires higher safety.
In fact, the essential difference between dumbbells and barbells is that they are flexible and inflexible.
For different parts, different movements, and different groups of people need different training methods.

In the end, you have to choose according to your training purpose. If you want to use heavy weight to stimulate muscle growth, choose barbell training;
If you want to create clear and perfect muscle lines, then choose dumbbell training.

After we practice the movements in the equipment proficiently, we can use dumbbells to experience how the movements practiced in the equipment exert force, how to change from a non-standard movement to a standard movement;
And when our movements are very standard, we can use a barbell to experience the help that standard movements can do to our muscles.

Post time: Jun-24-2021
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