Using a barbell squat is very beneficial, but you have to really understand the correct position of the barbell squat, and can do it! So what are the benefits of barbell squats? How to do the correct position of the barbell squat? We take you a good understanding!

First, improve the body strength of the most effective action

Squat is called the “king of strength training.” It’s simple. Squat uses the largest number of muscle groups, and when you consider support, almost all skeletal muscles are involved. Scientists have measured the amount of work done in many movements. For the same amount of weight, the squat produces the most work, nearly twice as much as the hard pull and five times as much as the bench press. The squat can use more weight than the hard pull and much more than the bench press. Because this is deep crouch the growth to systemic strength, the effect is greatly prep above other action.

Two, the most effective movement to increase the muscles of the whole body

Squatting is a double joint compound movement, and the body secretes the most growth hormone when squatting, so the high weight squatting not only promotes the leg muscle growth, but also promotes the whole body muscle growth. In addition, squat so do much action, compared with other movements, not only improve muscle circumference, also improve muscle density, that is, make muscles become more dynamic sense.

The barbell squat can be done not only because of the strong heart and lung capacity, but also to help exercise the muscles in the thighs and buttocks, as well as to help exercise the heart function and increase lung capacity. And barbell squats are great for building strength all over your body, as well as muscles all over your body.

Correct posture for barbell squats

You can choose to stand with your feet shoulder-wide or shoulder-wide, hold your chest and tighten your waist and abdomen, and hold the barbell behind or in front of your neck.

Action process:

The practitioner tightens the waist and abdomen, slowly flexes the knees, letting the body’s center of gravity drop to a 90-degree Angle or less, then pauses, and then concentrates the muscles of the legs and buttocks to quickly return to the starting position.

Action requirements:

1. Tighten the waist and abdomen during the action.

2, the knee during the movement should not exceed their toes.

3. Inhale when squatting and exhale when standing up.

4. When the barbell squat is heavy, it is recommended that a companion protect it on one side, because the heavy weight barbell squat is a relatively dangerous exercise.

Post time: May-25-2022
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