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Even if thousands of people return to the gym after a year of online exercise, many people still give up public exercise places and use home gyms instead.
Equipped with the right equipment, your basement sweatshop (or whatever name you give to the exercise space) can be an alternative to expensive gym memberships. It also does not require bulky, expensive equipment or talking mirrors. These days, we have successfully performed WFH (work out at home) using Smrtft’s Nüobell 80-pound adjustable dumbbell set.
The Nüobell set should win the best-looking adjustable dumbbell award, if there is such an award. Its machined steel counterweight plate is smooth and streamlined, almost like IKEA’s mission is to make fitness equipment. The design also makes the weight lighter because the plates are completely flush with each other, enabling smoother movement and better performance. Over the years, the constant rattling of plastics and metals we expected from adjustable systems is gone. It also offers tactical green and white for an additional $20.
To adjust the weight, you simply rotate the knurled handle until you hear a discernible click, and a small display indicates the current load. Unlike most adjustable dumbbell sets with a weight limit of 55 pounds, the Nüobell weighs from 5 pounds to 80 pounds, but the smaller Nüobell model can be adjusted to 50 pounds for those who need lighter weight. The suit can withstand everything from biceps curls to weight-bearing push-ups, but we recommend using these on a soft surface to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Between exercises, the plastic bracket can store weight for easy access.
Compared with modern home fitness equipment, adjustable dumbbells may seem pale and weak, but they are still a must for every wise gym. The concept of having a full set of dumbbells was only realistic for bodybuilders and stubborn fitness masters, but the ingenious mechanism makes the integrated dumbbells widely used. Although every major fitness brand now offers some version of this device, the shortcomings are common. On the other hand, Nüobell got it right.
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Post time: Aug-20-2021
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